What Are The Advantages Of Paying Tax On Vehicles?

The Driving and Vehicles Licensing Agency plays a vital role in Great Britain; it is a part of the Transport department in the UK. If you want to renew your tax, then you have to contact them. It also offers driving license update and statutory road notification. You may call on the 0870 174 7001 to contact the agency for general queries. You may email them for any advanced queries to headquarter.

How To Get A Valid Replacement For V5C?


If you are searching for a correct replacement of the V5C i.e. vehicle registration certificate or logbook, then you should send then a V62 form. That is very handy when you have lost the log book, or it is stolen, damaged. If you are eligible, then they will send you a new log book along with a certificate.  Now, you can easily pay the taxes or go for new registration.

How To Find Your Favorite Number Plate For Your Car?

If you have purchased a new car and searching for an ideal number plate with your favorite number, then you should go for the online registration where you can find your perfect numbers. You may buy a number plate separately for your vehicles and then you have to send them to add numbers on it. The online process makes it very simple to find ideal number plates.

  • When you purchase a new vehicle, then you have to pay tax on the vehicle before you drive the same.
  • For a newly purchased vehicle, the SORN is not available. That is you have to contact them for the SORN.
  • You should have insurance before you drive on the public road.
  • You need a log book i.e. V5C to pay the tax for the unregistered vehicles. In the case of registered vehicles, you have to use the reference number which can be found on the V5C/2 slip.

How To Grab The General Vehicle-Related Information?

You have to call the 0870 174 7001 to get general information about the vehicle. The support team of the agency will help you to discover the exact solution for the issues related to driving license, registration, and other queries.  You may call the same number to discuss car tax problems and other significant matters relating to the tax and registration.


In the case of lost license, you have to inform them. If you want to update the existing information with new updates such as the addition of parts, new purchase, and sale of cars, then you have to call them. They might send you notice for the untaxed car so you should pay the tax as soon as possible. The agency will carry out the checking if somebody hires your vehicles.

In the case of newly purchased vehicles, you should use the 12 digit reference number. It is also possible to tax the vehicles online, or you can pay the fee via local post office by using your phone. If you are a new keeper, then you have to pay the tax via post office for the first time. You have to submit the insurance paper and detail information of the vehicle at the time of new driving license.

Want To Renew Your Driving License ? Contact The Perfect Driving And Licensing Agency!

This company is a driving and licensing agency in the UK. This body contains all the records of any car running through the streets of Great Britain. Thus, if there is any car that is not registered with the driving agency, the owner is highly punishable. Now take a look at the steps required if you want to or if you have to renew the driving license. You can do this online as well if you a have a valid passport of the UK.

If you have a Government Getaway ID, then you can apply using that, or you may get the same as a part of your application. Go through the steps carefully.



You cannot apply for renewing your license if your name has changed or if you currently hold a five-year lorry or bus license. Remember, to renew the license every ten years. However, you will a get a reminder saying that you need to renew the license before it ends.

Things You Need To Do

Being a resident of UK is imperative if you want to renew the license with the company. You need to pay some amount of money using the credit card or Visa. However, if you are over seventy years of old, or if you have a small medical license, then you can avail the service for free.

You also have to provide the address. You also need to mention about your current driving license. Try to mention your National Insurance number.

The Time Required

Usually, it does not take too long to receive you a new license. If you have applied online, then you should get it within a week of applying it. Moreover, you also have to provide the photo you had in your previous license. Remember that your renewed license will become valid once your application gets approved and not the date of the expiry of your previous license.

Personal Data

Since you are applying for renewal with driving and licensing agency, you agree to share your personal information as well. Thus, even your National Insurance Number can also be viewed by the company. The reason why you have to provide this information is that the officials check your personal information with the Department of Work and Pension (DWP) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Thus, sharing this information is for your good.


­However, you do not have to be afraid regarding the safety and security if the procedure. This is one of the world’s safest driving and licensing agency, and your information is safe with it. There are several other places as well where you can take help of this company. For instance, you can share or view information of your driving license as well.

Here you will receive help regarding how to cancel the vehicle for any month or how to get a refund. Therefore, in a nutshell, here you will get all sort of assistance regarding your car. Contact Driving and Licensing agency and find out more about it in details. You can either visit the website or call.

Facts You Should Know About DVLA

Below is some extremely fascinating realities about the historical backdrop of driver licenses and how they have created.

In 1903 Driver enlistment was presented as a major aspect of the Motor Car Act. It stipulated that holders of a sulfur-yellow record were permitted to ‘drive an engine auto or engine cycle.’ Strikingly the direction changed in 1930 so the record would list decisively which “class” vehicle an individual could drive. This is the thing that structures the classification segment on the back of the UK DVLA driver permit at present.


Fascinating reality: Due to the Second World War driver competency tests were suspended for a long time from 1939.

Up until 1973 driving licenses and tax, plates were issued by Local Authorities and must be recharged after a span of years. In 1971 it was concurred that the permitting framework ought to be brought together, so it gave the capacity to connection to the Police National Computer and broadened the expiry of a permit until the people 70th birthday. This saw the introduction of its Swansea home office that is still the case today.

Fascinating certainty: The Queen is the main individual in the UK who is not required to have a driving permit. She likewise does not require number plates on any vehicles which are by and by claimed without anyone else’s input or her nearest relatives!

As a major aspect of the Government’s drive to bring administration’sonline, the partner permit was expected to be eliminated anyway this has now been put off until eighth June 2015.

The vehicle register held by DVLA is utilized as a part of numerous ways. For instance, by the DVLA itself to recognize untaxed vehicles, and by outside offices to distinguish managers of autos entering focal London who have not paid the blockage charge, or who surpass speed limits on a street that has speed cameras by coordinating the autos to their guardians using the DVLA database. The current DVLA vehicle register was worked by EDS under a £5 million contract marked in 1996, with an arranged execution date in October 1998. However, real usage was deferred by a year. It utilizes a client–server design and uses the vehicle recognizable proof number, instead of the enlistment plate, as the essential key to tracking vehicles, dispensing with the likelihood of having various enrollments for a solitary vehicle.

The Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) was acquainted with decrease vehicle wrongdoing. It is planned to prevent offenders from masking stolen autos with the character of discounted or scrapped vehicles.

At the point when an insurance agency discounts an auto, the enrollment report (V5 logbook) is surrendered to them and pulverized. The insurance agency will then inform the DVLA that the vehicle has been composed off. This notice will set a “VIC marker” on the vehicle record on the DVLA database.

DVLA database records are utilized by business vehicle check organizations to offer a far-reaching singular auto check to imminent buyers.

Notwithstanding, the exactness of the information held remains a proceeding with the problem. Anyone can ask for data from the database on the off chance that they indicate to have worthy motivation to need it.

The database of drivers, created in the late 1980s, holds subtle elements of about 42 million driving permit holders in the UK. It is utilized to create driving licenses and to help bodies, for example, the Driving Standards Agency, police, and courts in the requirement of enactment concerning driving qualifications and street wellbeing.

For any queries, you can call DVLA customer service number and know whatever you want to know about DVLA.